Up and Running


Up and Running truly has multiple meanings. Most importantly for this site, I’m writing again. I’m going to write about what I love to do: Run, read books, and be with my family (my husband and two boys 14 & 9).

Running has done so much for my life. People who don’t run think getting up at 5:00 AM to run or training for a half marathon is crazy, but runners get me, and they know as much as I do, it actually keeps the crazy away. Running keeps me sane, helps with anxiety and mood, clears my mind, and makes me better at my job, being a mom and wife, and generally just enjoying life more. I think I got the punctuation right in that last sentence so it wasn’t a run-on sentence.

crazy runner

If I didn’t run, I couldn’t sit up in my room blogging while my son and three of his friends watch football and run around my house. Yeah, I think, someone’s going to get hurt, but I’ve had my run and I know that if they don’t get hurt, how will they learn? I think that boys need bruises, broken bones, and lost allowance to understand that bouncing their buddies off my furniture is not the best idea. If that doesn’t work, I’ll take away the video games. Now that hurts!

One reason the East Bay is fantastic for running is the trails. Trails, trails everywhere. Paved trails, dirt trails, flat trails, hilly trails, we have them all. Today’s run was along the Contra Costa Canal Trail. 13.8 miles of paved trails that wind through Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Concord and Walnut Creek, intersecting the Iron Horse Trail in a few places.  http://www.ebparks.org/parks/trails/contra_costa


Recently I’ve added strength training and cross training to my running and I’ve gotten SO MUCH FASTER!! I use to think I was such a turtle running out there, but now, I’m pretty decent keeping my pace under 9 minutes, which for me is fast. Not wicked fast, I’d like to be wicked fast. The plan now is to maintain that pace for 8 or 9 miles and run an 8.4 miles race in Briones on November 22. No little 5K turkey trot for me, I’m going to eat, drink and be merry on Thanksgiving because I kicked some ass on pretty challenging trail. I’m going to need  a lot of inspiration!



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