Challenge of the Month: 30 in 30

Has it really been since September that I last wrote? I was taking a couple of classes to clear my credential (a costly endeavor in taking classes that are mostly busy work so the state of California feels I’ve sufficiently jumped through enough hoops as a teacher/administrator).

I’m free of that nonsense and I want to re-focus on my running. I’m also hoping to revitalize my Meet-up group – Run for Wine. Living 40 minutes from Napa and Sonoma makes it apropos for the area and wine is a pretty good motivator.


Each month I’m going to pose a challenge in an effort to get myself and others running regularly. For experienced runners, the plan is to work up to running the Water to Wine Half Marathon on August 7, 2016. For new runners, you’ll work up to running 5K’s and the Water to Wine 10K on the same day. If you don’t live close by, chose another 10K or half marathon to work towards. The important thing is to sign up for your goal race ASAP, especially if you plan to run Water to Wine. It fills up fast. Water to Wine

In addition to the challenge, I’ll be posting about motivation, inspiration, books, and other information on running. Sometimes I’ll try some crazy suggestion from a blog, Pinterest or a magazine and let you know how it goes.

If I can figure it out, we’ll also have a forum for sharing your experience with the challenges, asking questions, or whatever sparks your fancy.

If you decide to proceed with the Challenges, please read my disclaimer.

Challenge One: 30 miles in 30 days – Jan. 5 to Feb. 4 2016

That’s 1 mile a day or 7 miles per week. If you’re and experienced runner it won’t seem like much to you. For others, you may be a lapsed runner wanting to get back into it or you could be trying to run for the first time. Suggestions for different types of runners are below.

Experience regular runners: This won’t be much of a challenge for you so carry on with your routine, just be sure to get 30 miles in 30 days.

Lapsed 3 runs a week runners: Simple 2-2-3. Pick three days you will run and try to make them the same three days each week. Run two miles on two of the days and 3 on the third day (weekend day is good as you will be building up your long runs as the months pass).

Walkers to Runners: Suggested plan for 5 days per week, because you want to build up slowly and create a habit. It’s harder to create a habit that’s only three days per week, rather than one you do most days.

Week 1: Each day start with a half mile of walking at a pace slightly faster than your normal walking rate. Then do a slow jog for a quarter of mile. Finish with walking for another half mile. Do that 5 days a week and guess what? You’ve actually exceed your goal by a quarter mile. Congratulate yourself!

Week 2: You’re still doing 5 days per week. This week we are going to increase the amount of time jogging. Walk a quarter mile, jog a quarter, walk a quarter, jog a quarter, walk a quarter. That’s 1.25 miles per day. Again, you exceeded your goal so pat yourself on the back!

Week 3: Repeat Week 2

Week 4: Warm up with a quarter mile walk, jog a half mile, walk a quarter, jog a quarter, cool down with another quarter mile walk. I know, it’s actually 1.5 miles, but you’ve exceed your goal and you are ready for the next challenge.

Reward time! Be sure you set a reward for yourself. We need those now and then to keep us motivate. If you are in the Run for Wine Meet-up group Wine at La Scala in WC on Feb. 5 at 6:00 PM.


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